Dave and Jason  BW Cropped for WEB

Tippetac was invented by fly fishermen Dave Zieg and Jason Lee, co-founders of Angling Tech Industries, LLC, a Colorado company. We believe in supporting our brothers and sisters in the fly fishing industry. We believe in catch and release, conservation, and doing what we can to make sure our kids and their kids get to enjoy fishing and the great outdoors long into the future. We understand that fly fishing is a great excuse to stand in the middle of a river, and that fishing isn’t always about catching, but…catching is a whole lot of fun. No matter what your experience is, keeping your line and fly in the water means more fish. Tippetac takes away some of the frustration that comes naturally to fly fishermen at every level. Granted, it won’t keep the mosquitos away, keep your fly out of the trees, or keep the lightning from cutting your day short, but it can make changing out a fly, keeping track of your tippet, leader and line, a task with less hassle. When it all comes together, it means more time with your fly in the water - and - more fish.
Jasons Fish BW Cropped TEST 5 x 5
Dave FB pic - B&W Cropped TEST 5 x 5